• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What does a seasonal treatment entail?
    A: Your Lawnpro lawn care specialist will first spray a unique blend of liquid fertilisers and lawn boosters evenly over your entire lawn. Then he will spread a slow release granular fertiliser evenly over your lawn at exactly the recommended rate. Next he will spray for any broad leaf weeds on your lawn as well as for nutsedge, if any are present. Then he will spray for any unwanted weeds on paved areas and finally, at no additional cost to you, he will also spray for ants around the foundations of your house.

    Q: How long does a seasonal treatment take to complete?
    A: This depends entirely on the size of your lawn and how many weeds are present. Generally it takes between 1 to 2 hours to treat an average size lawn, quicker if two persons are working on the same lawn since they can perform different tasks at the same time.

    Q: How much does it cost?
    A: It depends on the size of your lawn which will first be measured up with a professional surveyor's wheel. It is also dependant on the problems that the lawn specialist finds on the lawn whilst he is doing his analysis. Costing is then calculated on a sliding scale.

    Q: How long before I will see some results?
    A: You should notice a difference within 7 days of a treatment, if you water correctly according to our instructions. Some weeds may take longer to react to the product that was applied.

    Q: How often do you need to treat a lawn?
    A: Our seasonal program works on a 13 week cycle, with a treatment done at least once in every season.

    Q: Are any of the treatments harmful in any way?
    A: Only to the weeds or pests that are being targeted! All our products are 100% safe for humans and pets. You might see some discolouration of the lawn where we have sprayed for weeds, but this will soon grow out and disappear when you mow your lawn.

    Q: I use a weekly garden service, will it interfere with your treatments?
    A: Not at all. The main thing to remember is to get the timing right, so we generally give the following advice: don't mow your lawn 4 days before and 3 days after a treatment and don't water your lawn 1 day before and 1 day after a treatment.

    Q: How much water should I give my lawn?
    A: In short, it will depend on various factors like soil type, type of sprinkler used and available water pressure. Your Lawnpro lawn care specialist will show you exactly how to calculate the correct amount of water your lawn will need.

    Q: How short should I mow my lawn?
    A: Once again, it will depend on a number of factors like the type of grass and whether it's in full sun or shade. Your Lawnpro lawn care specialist will show you exactly how to calculate the correct mowing height for your grass.