• Professional Lawn Care Services

  • Granular Fertiliser

    lawn seasonal fertiliser

    We visit your lawn once every 3 months to apply our special blend of fertilisers in liquid and granular format.

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  • Weed Control

    lawn weed control

    If left untreated, weeds will eventually overgrow your lawn. We can solve this unsightly problem before it's too late.

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  • Pest Control

    lawn pest control

    Insect plagues can destroy an entire lawn in a very short time. We can wipe them out before they wipe out your lawn.

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  • Disease Control

    lawn disease control

    Fungus diseases on your lawn can occur for a variety of reasons. We can identify and treat the problem successfully.

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    Is your lawn lush green and growing vigorously?

    Is it weed, insect and disease free?

    Do you receive compliments from your neighbours and friends?

    If not, we can help!

    To qualify for a FREE 14-point lawn analysis worth R275, simply fill in the form to the right and we will contact you to assess the condition of your lawn.

    Lawn-Pro specialises in lawn care services in the Western Cape at very competitive rates. We are also qualified pest controllers registered with the Department of Agriculture.

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